Can storytelling be learned?


The same way that basketball can be learned. And as with basketball you can play pick-up ball at the park with me, or be in the NBA with Lebron. You can be an indie filmmaker, TikToker, or you on stage at the Oscars. There’s certainly levels to this like everything else that can be learned. Before there was an open medium for telling stories to wider audiences like film, tv, and paper, people just told each other stories over eating and working. If you didn’t grow up around any natural-born storytellers then you might not have had the chance to hone your skill. Luckily, we now live in a world where you have access to elite storytellers right on your phone, or if you’re like me and prefer the more immersive theater experience with a large popcorn, heavy on the buttah. There’s also storytelling classes for free on youtube and curated on sites like Skillshare or Masterclass. (I’ve tried both and prefer Masterclass approach better myself)

Imagine if Shakespeare were alive today would he be on Broadway or the big screen? 🤔

Here’s a video from our IG @limitbreakmedia with a few helpful tips to get you started on your path to being a better storyteller to your audience. 

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