Good Content 

  • Gives value (they learned something new that can benefit them in real life)
  • Evokes emotion (something that makes them laugh or cry – in a good way)
  • Is Relatable (we’re all humans and there’s always a common denominator in any situation, you just have to find it)
  • Encourages them to communicate with you and others (likes, comments, shares) 

Remember – you are trading their time for attention, so it must be more valuable than their time at that moment. Or else why would they stop scrolling?

Bad Content 

  • Gives no value, only asks for money, time, or attention (if you think you’re being sold something it’s a turn off, ad blockers exist for a reason) 
  • Does not resonate or relate to the audience. (It’s not authentic, people can see if something is fake or trying to be something it’s not – they just may not know how to articulate it or care to because they’ve already moved on to better content down the page)
  • Looks low quality (it’s subconsciously telling the viewer that you don’t care enough to take the time to make good content. When there’s so much quality content available you just wasted their precious time and they will Blacklist you in their mind.)


Awesome Work

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