So you made some GOOOOOD Juicy content, nice. 

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Now what?

Now you need to come up with a strategy to determine the best way to match your content to the right people. Or, you can just throw a bunch of content at the wall and see what sticks. Either way you’re ultimately going to want to think of a way to educate, engage, and eventually convert your fellow humans into fans (notice I didn’t say customer as a customer will buy and forget, but a true fan has your back no matter what)

Imagine if you got this reaction every time you sold your service or product?

Your fans will support you if you support them. Provide value through information and insight that only you can uniquely provide. Before you even have those mega fans, you should know that people are much more willing to spend their hard earned money with people they know and trust rather than with a stranger. Pair this relationship with something designed to make their life better or easier, and in return they most likely will provide you with that cash-money. It’s a win-win and everyone loves the sound of that. 

“Good Content” + “Target Audience” = Business Growth

A good strategy will come up with the right content based on your strengths and knowledge and will pair it with the people who will most likely benefit the most. This is what we mean by Target Audience. 

Think you don’t need a strategist? Awesome! Answer all of the following questions for yourself and see if it’s something you can handle first before you go hiring anyone. It’s recommended to start off doing this yourself either way, so that when the time comes for you to hire someone to take over the legwork, you’ll know exactly what you want. 

Think of these questions as a means to narrow down your focus, if you are answering yes to all of them, then that’s a sign you need to take a step back and focus.

Why do you want to create content? 

  • Get more leads? 
  • More followers? 
  • Bigger digital real estate to help with SEO?
  • Create a sales funnel?
  • Build your fan-base?

Who are you creating content for exactly? 

  • Other businesses?
  • Specific group of people?
  • Yourself?

What is your brand and how does it relate to your target market? 

  • Does your audience see your post and instantly recognize it was made by you? 
  • Did you make it just for them, or for everyone?
  • How is it helpful to someone exactly to stop and watch?

What are your business goal priorities and what type of marketing best gets you there? 

  • More sales or networking? 
  • Are you a teacher, coach, or leader? Teach your fans something new. 
  • Are you funny, a good public speaker? Make your fans laugh or smile daily. 
  • Are you a story teller or a creative? Think of who you are telling your story to. 

How do you measure “success” in marketing, what is most important to you? 

  • Grow your followers on digital platforms?
  • Increase follow-through rate?
  • Sales numbers?
  • Number of fans?

How will you produce your content and when and where do you put it out? 

  • Live action videos, interviews, explainers, skits (youtube, tik tok, IG, facebook LinkedIN)
  • Graphics (pintrest, tumbler, IG)
  • Animation (youtube pre-roll ads, IG, tik tok, facebook)
  • Written copy (twitter, blogs, articles)
  • Podcast (spotify, itunes, youtube)

These are just a handful of sea shells in the ocean. You will need to really think about this and figure out which works best for you. You cannot expect yourself to do everything, so figure out the one thing you do best and hit that hard. What can you do on a consistent basis to really make the most of your time?

Depending on how much time you have to do this yourself, you might want to consider hiring a content marketing strategist to help you take strategy off your plate to just focus on making content yourself, OR if you want to lead the reins and have someone else just take over content production that works too. If you’d like to be totally hands-off, find someone you trust that can take care of both and get you to that next level in the digital space. 

Good luck! I believe in you 🙂

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