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Do you engage with people who you don’t trust? 

Most people wouldn’t. If we don’t know what to expect from someone else then the most logical solution for our brains is to lean on the side of caution. It’s part of our survival instincts. 

There’s many different ways to build trust and to strengthen relationships, and I’m sure that you know what NOT to do from past experiences. Today, let’s find out why storytelling just hits different. 

When we are trying to connect with someone else that does not know us, you have to always assume that their instincts are working and their guard is up. They will most likely not be 100% themselves, give away personal information, or want to hang out. If they do then please check out one of my other blogs here as you’re all set. (JK but check it out later) 

Trust is the key to opening the door to any relationship, whether it’s romantic, professional, or “just friends”. It’s just as important to keep building trust to strengthen relationships that have already gotten through that cold, lonely, pre-trust phase. 

When we tell stories to another person, we are expressing parts of ourselves that have not yet been expressed before. (Unless you are a story-repeater like me 🤡). 

The more that you express of yourself the more the other person can begin to trust you. Storytelling is one of the quickest and easiest ways for someone to relate to you. It’s high-end workout equipment for your trust-bod. It changes perspective. You are also a human like me but you went down this path and that happened? 🤔

If you are brave enough to put yourself in a vulnerable position to tell your story to others, they will notice it, consciously or not, and will be much more likely to respond positively. If you give others the opportunity to share their own stories, well… all-aboard the TRUST TRAIN!!! 🚂💨

Choo choo, ya’ll… Choo choo


Ronnie Q

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