One of the most powerful ways to get your message or brand across to others is through stories. There’s a reason why books, movies, and podcasts have captured the attention of the world – people love stories. If you’re not utilizing storytelling in your business you are missing out on that deep connection with your audience necessary to get to that next level. Every major company in the world tells their story loud and clear with a big budget and that’s what keeps them at the top of people’s minds. These tips can be a useful guideline to start telling your own story in this context. 


Simple is usually better – We have time and attention to consider. Save most of the details for your book, keep the reader’s attention in mind and how many other posts they may be viewing that hour.


Practice makes progress – Telling a story is like any skill. When you first start telling them, it’s clunky, unfiltered and boring to most people. The more you hone that skill (telling your story) the better you will become at telling stories to others.


Honesty is the best policy: “Fake it till you make it” will win sometimes. Authenticity always wins… Being honest will help your story and brand to make a meaningful impact on others. 


Valuable Effort: Leave out most of the story, because most of it is safe. You can’t play it safe if you want to make a change. Always look to add value in as little words as possible to your audience’s lives. 


Relate to me – Stories that are relatable are the best way to deepen that connection and remove distance from you and your audience. 


Make ‘em laugh – How better to hold someone’s attention than to keep them interested and entertained? As long as you are able to maintain the above values, then you’ll stand out.


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