Our Story...

I absolutely love hearing stories, especially when it inspires me or changes my perspective in a positive way.

Storytelling comes in many forms – film, marketing, art, dance, novels, podcasts, conversations… 

It’s the ultimate engagement. A way that we can receive information that has the potential to change us. 


One particularly lazy day in 2020 during my second month of mind-numbing migraines and brain fog from Covid, I had a real hunger for something positive and uplifting. It was dark times for my mind and definitely the most depressed I’ve ever been. Not knowing if I’d be able to think clearly ever again, this idea was eating away at me. After stumbling down rabbit holes of motivational videos on YouTube I asked myself why there wasn’t a place specifically for positive and inspiring stories when it was so important. The ability to find these videos was amazing, but there was nothing out there like what I was envisioning. 


I sat on that idea for a while (my mind finally did clear up a month later after seeing a Neurologist). I wondered about building something like what I had envisioned. What it would take to make it a reality?


In order to curate these stories and create a way for them to make the biggest impact – films, documentaries, shorts, museum exhibits… all under one creative vision – I knew I’d need a lot of funding and a lot of help. I needed a way to dedicate all my time and energy on this while still being able to help support my family financially. 


With that in mind I reverse-engineered my goals keeping in mind my creative strengths, obsession with filmmaking, psychology, philosophy, and unconventional approaches to sales and marketing.


Limit Break Media was born. 


In the summer of 2021, I put together an elite group of filmmakers and artists (Limit Break Collective) to help businesses grow through creative video storytelling. My goal is to level up the baseline of what’s possible in marketing for businesses so that we can all grow together and help promote more stories while creating a vehicle for creatives to make a living doing what they love.



Ronnie Q. 

Founder & Creative Director