With huge tech companies all racing to create the next Meta-Verse, we are rushing towards a world that is more digital than not. Content is like having real estate for your brand online. The more high-quality content you post, the closer you get towards the “beach-front property” of Google’s first page. 

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We’ve all heard the phrase Time equals Money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Time > Money

While having more money allows you to spend more time on things that matter to you and your loved ones, you have to spend time to make money and no amount of money can ever buy your time back. This simple change in perspective is crucial to understand when creating content for other humans.

Tik Tok has out-paced Youtube in view time because they have honed in on the one thing humans value most – Attention. They are capitalizing on our shorter attention spans and recognizing that humans are consuming hundreds or thousands of pieces of content daily. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, so the better you are at getting someone to pay attention and view and engage with your content, the more likely your content gets promoted by the algorithm and spread out to more viewers. You need to respect people’s time and give them something worth stopping their scrolling for. 

Let’s say you have a business and you just launched a new product. Sure you can pay a freelancer to make some ads and they might be pretty good. You pay some money to have it sponsored and get more leads. It’s better than having no content, that’s for sure. However, good luck getting the majority of people to stop scrolling on a paid-ad. Unless it’s a Hollywood level budget most people will skip it. They can sense it before it even gets to the good part and you are already off their screen. It’s a human instinct whether we realize it or not and it’s only getting stronger the more we feed it. 

So how do we stop the scroll? It’s easier than you think, you just need to make content that brings them value, is relatable, makes them feel an emotion like inspiration, laughter, or sadness – super easy.

Before we move on, what do we mean by “content”?

To create content is to simply publish information for others to see and/or hear. Newspapers and books are forms of content, but we most widely see this used digitally on the major communication platforms like Instagram or YouTube. If attention is the main form of currency that these algorithms strive for, then you can say content is the driving force behind how you get and hold that attention. It’s a long-term game and not easily achieved by shortcuts, but it’s the best way to solidify your brand and have it stand out among the crowd over time. 

If you want to win big for your team this year you need to focus on making valuable and engaging content a habit.

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